Hello! I'm Bridget.

Experience Design


I'm an Experience Designer at digital agency R/GA in Chicago. There, I have learned how to approach design with a business transformation mindset, gained experience working throughout the experience design process, served as the lead designer on multiple projects, and tried my hand at everything from responsive site redesigns to service design to chat and voice experience design.

Previously I worked for three years as a visual designer, primarily with architecture and urban planning firm Skidmore, Owings & Merrill. I strongly believe in the power of thoughtful visual design to aid in communication. I also believe that designers should be anthropologists who seek to understand the cultural context of the work we create, and this belief led me to Experience Design. 

I am interested in social science, digital behavior, and ethics as they relate to creating digital services. I write about these topics and share short design exercises on my blog. I also sometimes write on Medium - check out what I wrote about my career change back in 2015.

Please email me for access to password protected work
bridgethapner at gmail dot com